Danville Museum

of Fine Arts and History

Danville Museum

of Fine Arts and History

Ready to Visit the Museum?

The Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History is located on the historic Main Street in downtown Danville, VA, between Holbrook & Sutherlin Avenues, featuring permanent collections and rotating exhibitions, as well as the Swanson Studio, a Research Center, and the Perkinson Rose Garden. We offer exhibits, self-guided and group tours, and events year round!


The following self-guided tours are available in the Museum:

Sutherlin Mansion House Tour

Tour the Italian Villa style mansion built in 1859 that was home to Major William T. Sutherlin and family. Discover the role this historic house played during the final week of the Civil War. The Sutherlin House Tour is available to all and we offer self-guided tours to visitors.

Camilla Williams Tour

The Camilla Williams exhibition highlights the relationship this New York City Opera diva had with her hometown, Danville, and explores the difficult path to frame in a racially divided South during the Civil Rights protests.

Between the Lines

This tour explores the role of Danville and its citizens during the Civil War. Participants will take on the identity of a soldier from the 18th Virginia Company and will learn about their commanding officer, how the ladies of Danville helped prepare them for the army, and what their army career entailed.

Danville Civil War Sites

Visit the Sutherlin Mansion, the Danville National Cemetery, Major Sutherlin’s grave, and more when you go on this guided tour of Danville’s Civil War History.

The Movement: Danville Civil Rights

This tour walks you through the evolution of the Danville civil rights demonstrations that began peacefully late in May 1963 when local civil rights leaders organized demonstrations, sit-ins, and marches to protest segregation in all spheres, but especially in municipal government, employment, and public facilities. 

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was established by the Danville Museum in 1974 to recognize and honor citizens of the area whose achievements have been outstanding.